What Is OEKO-TEX for Kids’ Bedding?

What Is OEKO-TEX for Kids’ Bedding?

What’s the point of buying bedding if you don’t feel good about how it was made? That’s where OEKO-TEX® comes in! This organization checks textile and fabric products to ensure they’re free of harmful chemicals and safe for human use. In other words, OEKO-TEX® makes sure every piece of bedding you buy is 100% safe for your family and your home. 

At Saturday Park, we want you to love everything about your little one’s bedding. The colors, the style and, most importantly, the materials it’s made with. That’s why all of our bedding items are certified by the OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100. Today, we’ll be walking you through what this certification process looks like—and why it’s so important to invest in products approved by OEKO-TEX® for your child. 


OEKO-TEX® is a respected group of independent textile test and research institutes. This association uses offices across the world to test and certify a range of textile products (think clothing, towels and bedding). The purpose of OEKO-TEX® is to help customers feel fully confident in the products they bring into their homes. These certifications also help home decor brands promote the quality and safety of their products!

Now let’s talk about the STANDARD 100. This is a test that’s used to ensure every part of a product has been tested and cleared for harmful substances. STANDARD 100 consists of several criteria to check for a variety of regulated and non-regulated substances. In other words, the test goes above and beyond standard requirements by checking for substances that are and may be harmful to human health. 

OEKO-TEX® also updates the STANDARD 100 criteria catalog at least once per year as new studies and requirements come to light—making it the best way to confirm a textile product’s safety and sustainability. Any item that displays the STANDARD 100 label has been thoroughly tested and is totally harmless to you, your kids and our planet. 

Why the STANDARD 100 Matters

Think about all the stuff used in textile and leather production today: dyes, adhesives, inks, boiling agents. Many of these items contain chemicals that are harmful to our health and our environment. Worse yet, some of these dangerous materials haven’t been statutorily regulated—meaning that government organizations aren’t checking to confirm that they aren’t being used in textile products. 

Consumer protection is important across any field. It keeps dangerous or ill-made products off the market, out of our homes and far away from our loved ones. Unfortunately, many textile items are created with unsafe chemicals in order to knock production costs down and bottom lines up. Tests like the STANDARD 100 help keep these unwanted chemicals out of bedding products before they even enter the supply chain. 

The STANDARD 100 matters because it protects families and communities across the globe from buying potentially dangerous bedding. Like we mentioned, the criteria for the test are updated at least once per year—and certificates are only valid for up to 12 months. That means that any product wearing the STANDARD 100 tag needs to be re-tested each year to keep it. 

The OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 includes a number of highly effective product tests to protect our kids and environment. They check for important legal regulations to keep substances like formaldehyde and banned dyes out of your little one’s sleep space. Each item is also tested to ensure it maintains a skin-friendly pH value—and is free of emissions of volatile chemicals. 

Protecting Our Planet & People

We’re honored to work with organizations like OEKO-TEX® to make the world of kids’ bedding a safer and simpler place. If you’re looking for super-cool bedding to reimagine your child’s room, our online shop of OEKO-TEX® certified products is the perfect place to start. 

We built Saturday Park for one simple reason: shopping for kids is really tough—and it shouldn’t be! Finding amazing sheets, pillows, duvets and other bedtime items for your little one should be easy and fun. And that’s where our team can help. We’re here to connect you with amazingly soft and cozy bedding that’s safe for your whole family to snuggle up in. 

Sleep Soundly with Saturday Park

Here’s the bottom line: kids’ decor shopping is overwhelming. There are endless styles to choose from—and kids can be pretty picky when they want to be. That’s why we want to be a resource for you in your shopping journey. Whether you need classic kids’ bedding styles or something a bit more modern (like Star Wars & Marvel’s Spider-Man™), we’re the brand for you. If you want to learn more about how to find the safest bedding products for your home, be sure to connect with us today. We’d be more than happy to walk you through your options—and make it easier to understand which certifications matter. You can also reach out for advice and inspiration on finding awesome bedding for your kid.

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