Your Guide to Mixing & Matching Kids’ Decor

Home is your place to recharge, relax and create amazing memories with your family. Of course, it’s also a space to show off the things you and your kids love—from plaid patterns to Marvel’s Spider-Man™ and polka dots. This applies to your child’s sleep space, too. What’s cooler than a bedroom full of colors, characters and bedding your little one adores?

There’s just one drawback to designing your kid’s bedroom with a rich assortment of colors and patterns: nothing lines up. The palettes don’t match, the textures clash, and suddenly the elegant blend of decor you envisioned starts to look more like a warm, cozy battlefield. Thankfully, there’s an easy trick you can use to bring order and elegance to the chaos: the mix & match technique.

How Does Mix & Match Work?

Mixing and matching is a really simple concept that works for clothing, bedding and almost any other item you use to express yourself. You choose a color or pattern you’re crazy for—then find complementary options to pair with it. For example, if your little one loves turquoise, you can find matching colors to expand the palette of their bedroom. That adds brown, beige, black, white, and many other neutrals to your design repertoire!

This process is a lot easier if you find a kids’ decor brand that designs every product to be mix and match. For example, when you shop Saturday Park bedding, we won’t tell you what sheets to pair with what duvet or quilt; all of our colors go together! This lets you get creative and try all sorts of different items—creating totally unique designs that look cohesive and awesome.

Finding Your Kid’s Core Theme

Before you start mixing and matching decor items, you’ll have to set a foundation: a core theme you can build your kiddo’s room around. This is probably the most fun part of the process because it lets you brainstorm ideas with your little one! You can guide the conversation towards things you know your child enjoys—and they may have a few ideas that inspire you! Here’s a few questions you can ask them to get the ideas flowing:

“What are the coolest colors in the whole world?”

Use this question to build a core color palette for their bedroom items. It’s OK to use two or just one color to start if not all of them match.

“What are your favorite shapes, toys & hobbies?”

You can learn so much about your child’s aesthetic interests with this question! It’s the perfect way to start a conversation about the items, characters and themes they’ll enjoy seeing in their bedroom.

“If you could have any character tuck you in at night, who would it be?”

We love this question because it lets you learn more about the (fictional) people your child loves most. Imagine their excitement when you bring home a set of bedding with their favorite character on it!

Rainbow Duvet Purple Hearts Sheet Set

Mastering the Art of Mix & Match

Alright, so you have some core colors, shapes or themes you and your kid love. Now comes the hardest part: finding items that match. It’s always best to start with colors here. Choose a hue your little one resonates with—then start looking into complementary colors to match it. (Check out this handy guide to color theory if you’re having trouble.)

Complementary Colors

Here’s the best part about colors: they produce different effects when used together! Look at bubblegum pink. When paired with light reds and blues, it creates a playful, glamorous feel. But if you pair that same shade with more neutral colors (think grays, blacks and whites), it creates a more modern, sophisticated look.

Play around with different complementary colors to find the one that works best for your child. (And feel free to ask for their opinion if aren’t confident in a style yet!) You’ll end up with a gorgeous color palette that suits your son or daughter’s unique style. Use that group of colors to guide your decor choices, and every item will line up beautifully.

Choosing the Right Decor Brand

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of lining up all those colors, then check out products from Saturday Park! We want to make your shopping decisions fun and easy, which is why all of our product colors mix and match together. We’ve got a huge selection of matching sheets, duvets, pillows and other bedtime products your kid will love.

Safari Animals Duvet Blak Triangles Sheet Set

Make Mixing & Matching Simple

If you’d like more advice on mixing and matching items in your child’s bedroom, then be sure to connect with Saturday Park today. We’d love to get in touch with you and share design strategies and tips! You can also reach out if you want to learn more about our range of kids’ decor—and how it can help you create the perfect look for your child’s space.

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