Why We Support Pajama Program: The Coolest Charity Ever

Why We Support Pajama Program: The Coolest Charity Ever 

Every kid deserves the gift of comfort at bedtime – a key ingredient to a happy childhood. But here’s the hard truth: thousands of children in the United States go without this basic comfort every year, living in uncertain conditions, in shelters or group homes. Thankfully, there are people and charities who aim to make a difference, bringing hope and connection to the children who need it most.

At Saturday Park, we inspire kids and families to celebrate the awesome things in life, including playtime, robots, cartoons and the endless joys of sleep. We’re passionate about creating warmer, cozier homes for all children—a goal our friends at Pajama Program share. To help you learn more about this incredible charity (and how we’re supporting their mission), let’s discuss how Pajama Program is changing the stories of kids across the nation for the better.  

What Is Pajama Program? 

Pajama Program is a nonprofit organization based in New York City. It was founded in 2001 by Genevieve Piturro, who started the program to help support children she read to at a local shelter. For over 18 years, its team has been offering children gifts of pajamas and books—creating comforting good nights and fulfilling good days for youth across the country.  

Pajama Program invites a diverse range of volunteers to share their love of reading (and cute sleepwear!) with the children they serve. The charity achieves this through their national network of volunteer-led local chapters and over 4,000 community partners (including group homes, foster care agencies, and shelters) across and United States and Puerto Rico.  

Smile by smile, story by story, Pajama Program is showing children what a comforting bedtime can be.  

How Pajama Program Supports Our Youth 

Pajama Program uses dedicated Reading Centers in New York City and Atlanta to provide children (preschool through high school) with the tools for a better night. Trained staff and child development specialists use these centers to connect with children and young adults over conversation and books—giving each attendee a free book and new pair of pajamas at the end of every session.  

Outside of these central locations, the charity works with its national network of community partners to distribute pajamas and books to the children and caregivers they work with. Pajama Program also encourages passionate volunteers to establish local chapters, which span the entire country. These volunteers engage directly with their local community partners to help collect and distribute the pajamas and books.  

These combined efforts give caregivers the tools to set up a comforting routine for their children at bedtime, so they are rested and ready for the next day—after all, good nights are good days.  

That’s just a taste of the impact that caring people can create together.  

The Power of Books & Bedding 

We often underestimate the importance of sleep and its impact on children. Bedtime helps kids unwind, de-stress and explore the full potential of their imagination, fueling hope for the day that follows. In other words, happy, hopeful nights lead to happy, hopeful days. Pajama Program was built on this simple idea—that a comforting, caring bedtime routine can set the stage for a better life.  

We’re inspired by the work Pajama Program does to create comforting, peaceful bedtimes for youth. That’s why we support Pajama Program and its mission. We’re honored to play a part in helping kids develop and thrive, whether it’s through Pajama Program’s efforts or our own awesome bedding items.  

At Saturday Park, we design bedding items that are just as adored as your favorite stories and sleepwear. We invite families to explore our colorful selection of sheets, duvets and other kids’ decor and create a comforting sleep space that reflects their interests. We’ve got classic designs, new Disney styles, and everything else you need to get your child excited about their bedroom. 

We joined forces with Pajama Program because they share our passion for improving the lives of children—and the communities they’ll come to lead. Our kids are our future and deserve all the support and encouragement we can give them. Together, we’re creating comforting bedtime routines for families around the country, no matter their circumstances.  

Take the Boring out of Bedtime 

If you’re ready to learn more about Pajama Program and the wonderful work they do for children, be sure to visit their website. And while you’re contemplating the wonders of cozy pajamas and books, feel free to reach out to Saturday Park, too. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have—or help you find the perfect bedding options for your little one. We’re always here for you.

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