Throws and Pillows

Style’s essential when it comes to a kid’s bedroom, but its cozy factor takes top billing in our book. Softness, security, warmth—they’re all fundamental ingredients for a successful sleep (or play) space. And with these ridiculously comfy pillows and throws, your child gets the best of both worlds.

Every kid deserves to snuggle up and relax in a warm bed at night. Ooh, and on weekends. Especially on weekends.

We have three jobs here at Saturday Park: designing sweet kids’ decor, bringing people together, and making lame jokes. And we’re proud to say we’ve gotten pretty good at all of them. Thanks to our streamlined supply chain, we can offer top-quality decor for affordable prices—and trick those items out with some of the the coolest styles to ever bless a bedroom.

We’re also passionate about supporting communities through education, creativity and fun. From working with local charities to getting kids into the wonderful world of reading, we’re always looking for ways to uplift others through compassion, kindness and great stories.

Ah, yes, the joke thing:
Why did the donut visit the dentist? To get a new filling.
What? We told you they were lame.

In case you haven’t noticed, we don’t take ourselves too seriously here—except when it comes to helping others. Our mission is to make it easy for adults like you to find and afford living spaces their kids will love. We want nothing but the best for you and yours, and we’ll work hard to ensure you get it.

In other words, if you’re struggling to find the perfect decor for your kids, just reach out to us. We’re here to help you find the perfect bedding options for your children for the best price possible. So give us a ring whenever; we’d love to meet you.

dad and daughter playing on bed
  • Layers & Layers
    of Cozy
  • Style Meets Soft
  • Pay Less, Nap More

The best beds use a few layers to stay snug. Keep your young ones covered (and toasty) with our blankets and throws.

Blankets and throws are even better when they’re covered in stuff you love. Whether your kids dig robots, pink or polka dots, we’ve got their style in stock.

Comfort’s too important to be pricey. Our blankets and throws pair superb quality with refreshingly fair price tags.