About Saturday Park

Inspiring Awesome

Hey! We’re Saturday Park—a team that designs cool, colorful and crazy-cute bedding for kids. We’re talking sweet bed sheets, dashing decor, floofy pillows (it’s a word, trust us), and much, much more.

Finding awesome & affordable kids’ bedding isn’t easy. But don't worry; we’ve got it all figured out...

It all starts with quality.

Kids deserve amazing living spaces that are safe, warm and packed to the brim with personality. That’s why we use the best materials and coolest designs in the business across all our kids’ decor.

Our Mission

Take the boring out of kids’ bedding.

There’s one universal truth across the galaxy’s best bedrooms: They’re inspiring. And it’s tough to inspire kids without shapes, colors and characters they love. That’s where we come in.

Every kid is awesome (and a little weird) in their own way—which is why we design a wide range of bedding styles to match their interests. Whether your kid clicks with polka dots, robots, Minecraft™ or Disney, we’ve got you covered.

Our Story An Epic of insight & fun.

When we first joined the kids’ decor business, we uncovered a shocking secret: Shopping for kids is freaking tough. Kids are picky—especially when it comes to their bedrooms. And most brands don’t make the puzzle any easier for parents.

So, inspired by our discovery, we set out to create a kids’ decor brand that would make shopping easy (and dare we say fun).

father and daughter playing patty cake
Our Solution Bedding for kids, by kids at heart.

To make things kids will love, you have to get in touch with your inner child. You know, that part of you that still craves cotton candy and trampolines. We spoke to ours—along with a few real kids—to decide which styles deserved to grace their pillowcase.

From the beginning, we knew we needed to include three equally awesome things: Saturday, parks and free shipping. And we’re proud to say we managed to add a few more great things into the mix, too.

kids bedding in made bed
Our Promise Serve with honesty, kindness & creativity.

We’re passionate about bringing positive impact to every family we meet. To us, that means delivering honest service, amazing products, and ways to celebrate life with your kids—no matter what it takes.

Boy in spider sense bedding